Mary Cottenham Yeats Archive


The sub-fonds includes the papers, artwork, and other items accumulated by Mary Cottenham Yeats throughout her life. These include papers and photographs relating to the families of her parents, letters received from the Yeats and Pollexfen families (notably John Butler Yeats), and letters from friends and neighbours in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Paintings, drawings, and embroideries by Mary Cottenham Yeats also feature with notes and cuttings collected for future incorporation in her work. The sub-fonds also includes personal items such as school exercise books, a dance card from 1889 with Jack’s name entered for several dances, recipe books, an address book, an account book of the output of the chickens she kept in Devon, and invitations to her marriage to Jack. Amongst the more unusual items in this collection is a box containing jewellery, buttons, a manicure set, shoehorns, loose beads, hair grips, and pins.


Yeats, Mary Cottenham (1867-1947)

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Yeats, Mary Cottenham

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TitleMary Cottenham Yeats Archive
CreatorYeats, Mary Cottenham (1867-1947)
LocationYeats Archive
Extent8 boxes & 1 outsize item

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